Monday, July 17, 2006

TWA Flight 800 Memorial

Photos by Alida Thorpe
Ten Years Ago Today....
TWA Flight 800 Memorial at Smith Point Beach

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Anonymous said...

Christie B

When you found your Prince Peter
It gave me hope of finding my prince of love I felt joy for you As I watched from an observer’s view

I looked at magazines
That showcased your home
And your beautiful blonde children

I remember the plane crash news
And relieved that you survived
Only to finally find happiness for yourself

I was happy for you………

Now, you’re once again in the news
And the gossip of extreme pain

Everyone in Long Island knew
But you
Until the 25th of June

I feel deep sorrow for you
The dream I have for finding true love
Has gone askew

Don’t cry Christie B
Get to know yourself
All women of the world are on your side
Kiss the frog goodbye………….

Juli Ross -Martinez, CA