Saturday, July 01, 2006

Show me the Fireworks on Long Island New York!

Long Island Dinner Cruise with Firework DisplayJuly 4th Celebrations across Long Island, NY including Grucci and Bay fireworks shows. Location vary including some of the biggest at Eisenhower Park, Point Lookout, Jones Beach and the Nassau Coliseum Uniondale New York.
Celebrating the Fourth of July...
Fireworks Displays across Long Island, New York
Long Island Dinner Cruises with Fireworks Shows
Nassau Coliseum Fair with Firework Shows

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Anonymous said...

Where the heck have all the legal, safe fireworks displays gone? I moved away from Long Isalnd for the usual reasons but my family is still there, I am going for a visit over the 4th of July and wanted to see foreworks. I could stay where I am and watch them on TV. What happened???