Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Are the Blue Jays becoming extinct on Long Island NY?

Click for more information about Blue Jay species of birdsMrs. Kane writes,
"Since last winter I noticed that the Blue Jays (birds) are gone from my backyard. I use to see quite a few eating in the bird feeder in my yard, but I am very concern that I haven't seen any this summer. To make matters worse, my friend that lives in Rocky Point was visiting last week and he also asked me if I have notice that the Blue Jays are gone. I live in Huntington Station. Please let me know what's going on or if you know who can I contact about this."

Thank you very much,
A very concern citizen

Try contacting the folks at these Audubon Societies,
they may be able to shed some light on the situation...

If you have seen a Blue Jay lately or have also noticed a decrease in the population of birds in your neighborhood, please post your comments below and include your name and town.


CoachArielle said...

I've seen them here in Baldwin!

Alida Thorpe said...

I've seen a family on blue-jays in Bayport! They come to my feeders.
Do you have cats that lurk around your property? The birds know that they are there and won't come near! Good luck on your bird watching!

Anonymous said...

I've been making comments to everyone on Staten Island concerning the fact that I haven't seen any blue jays. It is depressing.

Lillian Dixon

Anonymous said...

I actually have noticed more blue jays in huntington then normal. they must have migrated here! :-0

Anonymous said...

We live in Merrick. A couple of months ago I noticed several “Absolutely Beautiful” blue and white Birds in my back yard. I came down to my computer and looked up what these lovely birds are. They are a family of Blue Jays. I now look for and see them everyday.

Marty T

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen any blue jays in Bayport this year.