Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brookhaven Animal Shelter Hosts "Hot Chocolate & Fun Day" to Spur Adoptions

The Brookhaven Animal Shelter will be hosting a special event this upcoming Saturday, January 26th - "Hot Chocolate & Fun Day", in an effort to encourage more Long Islanders to visit their shelter, and take home a new furry friend. The shelter is home to dozens of cats and dogs, all of which are looking for a "forever home", and this event is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking for a pet to get to meet some of the wonderful animals that are up for adoption at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The Shelter will also be accepting donations of food and supplies at this event - even if you're not looking for a four legged addition to your family, you can still help the Shelter continue to do thier good works.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Nightlife Update: The Queen Extravaganza - Live in Huntington

 The Queen Extravaganza came to Long Island this past weekend and put on a terrific show at Huntington Village’s recently renovated theater. From the energetic performance of drummer Tyler Warren to the soaring vocals of lead singers Marc Martel and Jennifer Espinoza this concert was more than just an ordinary tribute put together by a few fans. The band managed to walk the line of playing respectful renditions of some of Queen’s biggest songs while adding a hint of freshness to their take on the classics. No wonder they have been officially endorsed and produced by Queen’s own drummer, Roger Taylor!