Thursday, June 01, 2006

Seeking information on dedication ceremony for James McNaughton, an Army Reserve and NYPD officer

Paul writes, "I would like to know if there was recently a street renaming ceremony in Long Island, New York for James McNaughton, an Army Reserve Officer and NYPD officer who was killed in Iraq. I am trying to find this information but have been unsuccessful. Thank-You"

There was a small mention in the Journal News on May 21, 2006:

"The family of NYPD Officer James McNaughton was given the Medal of Valor. McNaughton was the first law-enforcement officer killed serving in Iraq."

Upon checking the NY Fraternal Order of Police Web site, mentioned in the article that they presented the award and could not find any information about it. You might want to contact them to find out if there is a dedication ceremony planned or maybe our readers can provide some information?

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Alida Thorpe said...

Here is a link to a NY City site which mentions James McNaughton. It may be helpful and provide links where additional information can be obtained.

Hope this helps,
Alida Thorpe.