Saturday, June 24, 2006

Recap of Show #1, Long Island Podcast Night, Friday June 23 Show

The rain wasn't enough to keep The Long Island Podcast Network from letting the night go on as well as four talented bands who all showed up and rocked the house at Jan's Rock Garden in Selden, New York. (Nobody was electrocuted thanks to that cool cover!)

At 7:45 Farmingdale's Paging Grace kicked it off and performed 6 originals plus a cover of Gin Blosson's Hey Jealousy. They rocked Jan's Rock Garden and Long Island Podcast Night was underway. SIGH (Striving In Greater Hopes) from Brentwood played next at 8:30 and performed their Long Island Podcast Network single "Problems" as well as 6 other songs. Next was To Each His Own Element from Long Beach played their exciting brand of alternative and played for 30 minutes. Finally, to end the night was Jean Hates John from Sayville and they performed their MySpace singles including Shine, Jet Set, and Don't Make Me Beg.

Kicking off the night, it's Paging Grace (Farmingdale)

LI Podcast Network CEO Bruce Chambers and SIGH Singer Cyrille Robes (Brentwood)

Long Beach's To Each His Own Element Performs

Singer Deanna and Bassist Frankie from Jean Hates John (from Sayville)

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Looking good BRUCIE - try to keep the pictures big enough to show the excitement, but small enough to fit on the page! :) Sorry we missed it.