Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't Procrastinate!

Photo by Alida Thorpe
Sailing on the Great South Bay
Don't procrastinate!
In response to the posting below...She is RIGHT!
Nothing gets done if you keep putting if off. I've learned the hard way and learned by experience. After all, I am almost 20 older and hopefully wiser.
It is so much easier to iron three shirts than 25.
Me? I'm a list maker. I make lists every day or so and try to set my priorities. Teaching for 30 years has kept me organized. I had no choice. Procrastinate and nothing gets done and the students suffer for it.
I do make time to do the things I enjoy. All work and....well, you know what that does.
The photo above is what I love the most. Sailing...and boating, fishing...the water in general.
Take time for yourself, get things done right away and balance your life.
You can do it. Set priorties and don't let the little chores get you down. Just get them done.
Sunday for me? Chores and responsiblities in the morning and boating in the afternoon!
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