Friday, May 12, 2006

A voice from a Long Island Soldier in Iraq


I am a Long Island soldier about to be stationed in Iraq. I wish not to be part of any peace protest if anything should happen to me. Do not represent me as an empty coffin or pair of boots. Do not use my photo or any thing related to me for any peace purposes.

My thinking is that of the horrible history of the American peace movement. After the civil war it was bring the troops out of the south. We had around 80 years of racist jim crow laws and violence. Vietnam and Korea were two of the three major engagements against communism. The first was in 1919 and 1920 when American troops were fighting against the Bolsheviks in Russia. Thanks to the peace movement American troops were brought home, communism flourished and around 100, 000 American were casualties in Korea and Vietnam that would not have happened if we had stayed in Russia.

During WWII the peace movement was against our involvement. Jews to the camps were a European problem. and bayoneted Chinese were an Asian problem.

The US military saves lives and frees countries, peace movement keeps dictators and hate groups in power by not doing anything. When was the last protest against North Korea tyrany ever held by the peace movement.

My home address:

Larry Klass
254 Locust Ave
Freeport NY 11520

Address in Iraq:

Larry Klass
773rd Transportation Company
APO AE 09334

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Frank Miller said...

Thanx for the thoughts and the request, Larry. Stay safe and good luck to you, from a Viet Vet.