Friday, May 12, 2006

A Simple Thank You


I recently reached a milestone that made me a bit reflective and thankful to one of the people responsible for helping me get there.

Thank You...

  1. For growing up with me
  2. For being my friend
  3. For being there when I needed your help
  4. For being there when I needed your words of advice
  5. For being there when I needed you to listen
  6. For being there when I needed you to break my fall
  7. For being there when I needed you for nothing at all
  8. For making me laugh
  9. For making me cry
  10. For putting up with my attitudes, moods and my faults
  11. For accepting my decisions, opinions and choice
  12. For disagreeing but not raising your voice
  13. For giving me courage, wisdom and grace
  14. For remembering me in your hearts and your prayers
  15. For being so thoughtful over all these years
  16. For accepting my criticism, so harsh and unkind
  17. For accepting my apologizes, not often on time
  18. For sharing my joy
  19. For sharing my pain
  20. For offering your shoulder in my times of sorrow
  21. For all the things you give me
  22. For all the things I borrow
  23. For correcting me when I am wrong
  24. For accepting when I am right
  25. For listening to me
  26. For not listening to me
  27. For inspiring me
  28. For guiding me
  29. For opening my eyes
  30. For closing your own
  31. For keeping me company
  32. For leaving me in peace
  33. For letting me grow
  34. For letting me grow, at my own pace
  35. For being kind and unselfish
  36. For letting me shine
  37. For taking the time
  38. For sharing my life
  39. For loving me without question
  40. For making me a part of your life

Most of all thank you for being my mom!

Feel free to add a few of your own and send this to your Mom in honor of Mother's Day.

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