Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where to get the flu shot on Long Island

Tess writes..."Hey, on your Web site, can you indicate the number we can call if we want to get a flu shot. I haven't gotten one yet cause I have been waiting for my doctor to get it, but he has not gotten it yet, and I am started to get a little nervous that I might miss getting one. Can you provide a list of medical centers or doctors on Long Island that are providing the flu vaccine?

Here are some resources to help you find information on getting the flu shot for the upcoming flu season in the Long Island, NY area:

The Food and Drug Administration provides quite a bit of information and resources on the Flu Virus, Links and Resources.

The NYS Department of Health offers tips, advice, information as well as links to resources and information on the influenza virus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide flu related resources on the influenza virus and other strains of the flu virus.

You can do a local search, click on one of the link below and enter your zip code to find flu vaccination providers in your area...

Flu Shots Nassau County
Flu Shots Suffolk County

Last year there was a shortage of the flu vaccine on Long Island. Several clinics, hospitals, medical centers and doctors were given rationed amounts of the vaccinations. They were also specifically instructed that the supply were to be allocated to the 'high risk' groups first, including children and the elderly.

If your doctor does not have enough of a supply, you might want to get a referral from your health care network, managed care provider or insurance company for a list of providers offering the flu shot.

Additional resources:
Medicare offers a searchable database of health care, managed care and insurance providers by town, county, zip or state.
NYS Department of Health offers an endless resource of health related information, services for the elderly, family programs as well as managed care options and health providers.

Last tidbit of information...the typical 'flu shot' also know as the influenza vaccine does not protect against the Avian Flu. For more information about the
avian flu, try the search Web sites mentioned above but modify your query to include 'avian flu'.

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Laura said...

Flu shots available at Passport Health in Roslyn and Holbrook call 516-626-2004 for more information