Saturday, November 05, 2005

I Love Long Island - free t-shirt offer

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I want to buy an I Love LI t-shirt


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Sangirardi, Elmont NY
I love long island because there is so much to do between the restauraunts, the fairs, plays, movies, and special events. Long island to me is like one big family, I dont know if I'd feel at home anywhere else.

Arlene said...

"LONG ISLAND IS THE REAL PARADISE" - displaced Long Islander.

Anonymous said...

Wendy Nikolassy, Lumber Bridge, NC
Being born and raised on Long Island, I simply LOVE all the beaches and the fact that there's activities to fill anyone's free time during all the seasons. It's like a taste of heaven that I miss since I have moved.

Anonymous said...

Susan Clennan, Centereach, Long Island,
I love Long Island because it is so near to Manhattan, but yet still has maintained the vestiges of rural, pristine beaches. On Long Island you can still find affordable housing in desirable areas to raise families. Long Island has room for all types of people to live together, hence we Long Islanders are starting to experience multicultural events, restaurants, etc. Most Long Island communities reflect the pride its citizens have in where they live. We still have beautiful beaches and parks where we can enjoy things that are only native to Long Island. We have the beauty of the Pine Barrens which have been preserved. We have farms out east; wineries; museums--all of which reflect the spirt and determination of its people. Long Island is truly a microcosm of what is right in the world!

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear how much you all love Long Island.

I have been living in Houston (Texas) for the past 20 years and in January of February of 2006 will very likely be moving to Long Island due to a job relocation.

I'm actually very excited about the move and looking forward to living in a part of the country I've never been to before.

I'm a single 40-year-old man, no children, and like the idea of being able to take advantage of Manhattan without having to live there -- as well as all the great outdoor activities Long Island seems to offer.

I have a bunch of questions and really need some good local advice. If anyone could answer a few of the questions below, I'd appreciate it!

The company I will be working for is located in or near Northport. I have no idea if I should look for housing in Northport or be willing to live as far west as Brooklyn/Queens, or possibly points east?

What is considered an "average" middle-class salary on LI? (I know this varies by profession, but the national average salary across all professions is about $40K -- LI average salaries *must* be higher than this from everything I'm reading.)

Is electric heating preferable to oil heating?

Would I be better off using public transportation to get around Long Island or bringing my V6 sedan up there with me?

What's the current average price of:
- a pound of bananas
- a pound of ground beef
- a head of lettuce
- a gallon of milk

Are property taxes higher in Suffolk or Nassau county?

Is sales tax any different in Suffolk or Nassau county?

If I was looking to buy (or rent) a condo on Long Island, are beach-side condos considered preferable, overall, to interior locations?

Anonymous said...

Just a SMALL list of the things I love that strictly stay "Long Island" to me:

Christopher Morley Park
Bar Beach/Hempstead Harbor Park
Jones Beach
Jones Beach theatre
Sweet Pea Fruit Exchange
Vanderbuilt Planetarium
Eisenhower Park
THE FOOD - in general - almost
every restaurant there is a
Nassau Coliseum

I am yet another displaced Long-Islander who probably has no prayer of being able to move back
(left LI in 2000 to be followed shortly after by the biggest real estate hike in history).
I was born and raised on Long Island and miss it very much. I strongly regret having left because of the fact that this change seems irreversable.

I guess I'll always have my memories.

Anonymous said...

Just happened to come across this blog. You know Sweet Pea Fruit Exchange has been around since 1974?
We also had our annual family bbq's at Bar Beach.
born and raised long island!!

Anonymous said...

If you'll be working in northport, look for a place in Huntington, Northport, Commack area. Theres plenty of opportunities for housing or rentals if you so desire. Hmm, Average salary? It is relatively expensive to live here probably compared to Houston, however, I would say a salary around 60K would suffice so long as you were single and didn't have a family. Definitely bring your car because although there is transit systems running in suffolk county (buses and trains), they would most likely be more of a hassle rather than a help to you. Mass Transit works much better the closer to NYC you get. Good Luck!

kevin said...

Been living on Long Island for almost 14 years and love it! A country feel in certain parts and close enough to the the city if I want to visit. Love driving around on my days off, just feels so relaxing enjoying the scenery. Decent schools, I have great neighbors found a nice church and it has everything you can imagine. Beaches, parks, museums, great resturaunts, shopping, and Theaters are just some of the draws here. Everyong likes to go south to retire, I would love to stay right on Long Island if that's possible.

Dennis X. Simoneaux said...

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Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle since 1988.
I want to move back, yesterday!
I moved to go to grad school but stayed because my wife wanted to stay.
You don't know what you've got till it's gone.
Seattle is awful.
Long island- 4 seasons, friendly people, NYC, trains, great food, beaches, outdoor concerts, stc

Seattle- 2 seasons (wet and dry, mostly wet), polite but unfriendly people, 1 stink in train, food is good, outdoor concerts hahaha!