Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tooth Decay Among Children

The Centers for Disease Control and American Association of Pediatrics recognize that tooth decay is the most common contagious illness for children. Poor oral health for children harms their growth, learning and self esteem. Poor oral health is linked to common health problems such as diabetes, premature birth, heart disease, pneumonia etc. More school and work hours are lost for dental visits than any health care visit.

Now, individuals and families have an interactive, personal and secure health record on the internet. My SmileGuide has many tools such as a "Dental Visit Check List" that shows what should checked when you see your dentist and a "Snack Contract" to help parents control their child's harmfull snacking and childhood obesity.

Oral health is about knoweldge, parenting, lifestyles and reducing health care costs. Your smile will predict your wellness and quality of life.

You go as your smile goes


- Article contributed by Dr Fred Ferguson, CEO - AboutSmiles

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