Sunday, April 22, 2007

Storm Damage at Davis Park, Fire Island

I just thought you might like to see some photos of the recent damage to the Davis Park area on Fire Island.

Although none of the homes were totally swept away by the waves, many were damaged and need to be moved or reinforced. Some may have to be torn down.

Here above is just one photo, but you can follow the link to see a slideshow of addtional photos.


Jim LoScalzo said...

It seems that Long Island only views the damage of tourist attractions, when it comes to "save the beaches". We in the Wading River area have lost close to 40 foot of property, no one seems to be interested in this problem. The Riverhead town paid for a dredging a few months back. The company that did the work should be sued, they put the dredged piles of sand in the water instead of replacing the sand back in front of the homes where it came from and by the end of the day it was gone. The Fish and wildlife are more concerned about nesting Plovers and unproven flounder mating rituals then the safety of the homes along Creek Rd. The DEC will not allow the Town to dredge when the storm season is over.. This is a no brainer, if you dredge during storm season the sand does not have time to settle and the first Nor Easterner hits. Its all gone, leaving the homes once again unprotected. It appears the concern for beach security only falls on area's that bring in revenue or promote Long Islands Tourism.

JamesTom said...

are these really photos of the damage AFTER hurricane Irene?

i'm seeing dunes, grasses, and little that makes me shy of visiting during labor day week.