Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Cleaning? Yuck!

Spring Cleaning? Yuck.

Today’s weather certainly indicates that spring is on the horizon and I couldn’t be happier. It is so nice to be able to open the windows and let some fresh air in. But opening those windows also reminds me how dusty things are and it definitely makes me groan. I know that the proverbial spring cleaning is in my near future and I am not happy about that!

I am not the biggest fan of that necessary evil—house cleaning. Organizing, no problem but cleaning? There are a million other things I would rather do first! So, how do I handle this problem that I cannot just ignore? By keeping organized, of course. When things are put away and your house has a neat appearance, that is more important than deep cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, I choose my battles. I make sure that the most important things are taken care of: the kitchen, the bathrooms and vacuuming. Dusting and other issues can wait for another day (although I think that day has arrived according to what is blowing around in the breeze upstairs!). Dusting is one of my least favorite things (this is why I do not like knick knacks) but there is one good thing about it: if you let it go for a bit, it will not take more energy to do the job. Unlike a mound of dirty laundry or dishes which will grow and grow into a large task, dusting takes the same effort now matter how much there is.

Also when it comes to other things that annoy me but I don’t feel like dealing with them, I try not to stress over it. It can be very aggravating to think of the endless treadmill of cleaning because once you are finished, it just starts all over again. So another thing I try to do is daily maintenance, just like with organizing. For example, I will wipe down the bathroom mirror and sink in the morning before I leave the house. Or make sure there are no dishes in the sink or make sure the laundry gets done once a week. These simple maintenance things take some of the pressure off.

I guess I just need to face the fact that cleaning will always be a part of my life, like it or not. And I must say, I did notice a feeling of total accomplishment and calm when I did the unthinkable a couple of weeks ago: I cleaned the entire house in one day. This is something I rarely do. That feeling I had after was so good, I am trying to focus on that to motivate me to do that more in the future. But right now I am going outside to enjoy some of this beautiful weather. The dusting can wait. . . .

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