Thursday, April 13, 2006

Long Island rowing clubs, crews and associations in New York

Robert writes, "I am interested in finding out about rowing associations."

Rowing is a growing sport on Long Island, New York. There are rowing associations, crews, clubs and teams that promote rowing as a sport and help to foster the interest of rowing as a spectator sport. Most of the crews on Long Island are comprised of co-ed High School and College teams that compete at various regattas on Long Island as well as out of state competitions. The Sagamore Rowing association offer programs for students as well as adults.

Sagamore Rowing Association (SRA) trains thousands of rowers across Long Island. They have numerous Olympians, World, National Team members and medalists. Sagamore Rowing Associations is one of the most established and highly regarded rowing clubs in the country. The rowing association has launched a dozen high school and university rowing programs on Long Island, in addition to many adult programs. Sagamore Rowing Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the sport of rowing, helping Long Island rediscover a traditional sport.

For a complete list of Long Island rowing clubs, crews and teams check out
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