Friday, March 10, 2006

Winter in March on Long Island

Park by the Bay
It is March 10th and winter is coming to an end.
Most of us are looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days. On Long Island, this is a beautiful time of year.
We have four wonderful seasons on this beautiful island, and at this time the promise of spring and summer takes us through the last stages of winter and the cold.
The photo above is Sayville; a park near the bay.
The trees are bare and the air is cold. Yet, the sun feels warm against uncovered skin.
Long shadows are cast against the dormant grass fields. This is a favorite spot for most Sayville residents to walk, jog, ride a bike or just sit and enjoy the beauty of the Great South Bay.
There is always something to see. Birds are everywhere...not just seagulls, but ducks, grebs, coots, pigeons...just to name a few.
Occasionally, a boat or two will pass by. Whether it is a ferry or fishing boat, its sprint across the bay is fun to watch.
Today the sun is warm. We will enjoy the outdoors and wait for spring.

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