Thursday, March 30, 2006

Long Island University and College Residency Requirements

Jeroice from Portland, Oregon writes, "I was wondering how long do you have to live in Long Island before you can be considered for residency?"

Answer: Based on the fact that you are writing from a U.S. State (as opposed to out of the country) I believe you are asking this question for the purpose of qualifying for resident discounts on tuition at a Long Island School, University or college or trying to qualify for a scholarshp.

Long Island is part of and governed by New York State. So this question would fall under New York education law. Out-of-State residents attending schools within the State University of New York(SUNY Schools) are charged a higher rate of tuition than State residents. Other universities may offer discounts to NYS residents and have varying requirements for resident status to qualify for this discount. Generally, the term is one year to qualify for residency. Colleges and Universities provide forms and information detailing their specific requirements and may request documentation as proof of residency, i.e . driver's license, certificate of residency, utility bills, etc.

I recommend that you request information from the specific schools where you are applying for details as they may differ for each school.

For more information about New York State University (SUNY) schools, go to:
For information on residency status information for non-US citizens, go to:

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