Thursday, June 06, 2013

Locals Turn to Social Media to Dethrone the Long Island Princesses

This past Sunday, Princesses: Long Island made its debut on Bravo, and locals across the Island have quite a lot to say about the polarizing show. Many feel that it is not only a poor representation of LI, but that some of the comments made by the so-called Princesses are derogatory, and racist. Since the show's premiere, there have been countless Tweets, YouTube & Facebook Posts, and even a Facebook Group calling for a boycott of the show - a shockingly large negative response, considering the show only brought in a paltry 1.2 million views during its initial airing. One of the Princesses, Ashlee White, even issued an apology for some of the statements made on the show. 

To see some of the social media highlights, and find out more about Ashlee's apology, check on the full story on

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