Monday, May 09, 2011

Combating weekend boredom on Long Island

Now that the weather has finally broke and summer is right around the corner, the pressure will really be on to find things to do on Long Island and entertain your family come the weekend.

With gasoline prices sticking above $4.00 a gallon, more people are saying that they will forgo the plane rides and stick close to home come their vacation. And Long Island is an OK place to be.

Of course, you have the beaches and parks. You have the great wineries on the north fork of the east end and the Hamptons and Montauk on the south fork. There are over 100 museums. You even have amusement and water parks.

But don't forget to look for the great events featured on Long Island. Each weekend, there are countless events taking place that will cater to almost every taste. The events section is the most popular category on Some are free while others charge a nominal participation fee.

Check out the local Long Island Events.

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Anonymous said...

Residents received a copy of “Harborfields Highlights” last week. I knew we were in trouble with the following comment on the 1st page – “At the same time, the district faces increased mandated costs over which it has no control.” Isn’t it time that costs are brought under control?

In a job I was at for the past 10 years, they didn’t give any salary raises for their final 3 years in business because they simply couldn’t afford it – which is unlike how it works for school districts. In this year’s $74 million dollar budget, $22 million (30%) is just for Employee Benefits! $4.6 million is for their “Retirement Fund, up over a million dollars from just last year – a 30% increase in just one year. DO YOU HAVE A RETIREMENT FUND AT YOUR JOB THAT IS TOTALLY FUNDED BY YOUR EMPLOYER? Their Health and Dental insurance totals $8.7 million – a $700,000 increase from the prior year. Isn’t it time the teachers start paying for their insurance like everyone else does?

The tax rate increase in the “Proposed Budget” is 4.9% which is too much. It should be FLAT. Isn’t it time that an independent Accounting profession take over their budget preparation? There should be no increase because they can’t afford it.
“VOTE NO” THIS TUESDAY to show your support to control costs.

JeffreyJSmith said...

Uh, I just received this E Mail-apparently there is going to be a major meeting of "patriotic" groups tomorrow May 21 at the Melville Hilton (on
Broadhollow is says here)

The meeting which will be attended by nunerious "patriotic" leaders
and activists will consider, among other things, what will be produced to replace the Tea Patrys which are now seen as an ageing less effective vehicle.

They even give a contact Number,
Doug 706396 8215