Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lost and Found Items on the Long Island Railroad

Tom writes, "I lost my camera 12-15-07 on train to Mineola. Does the LIRR have a lost and found department?"

Yes, the MTA Long Island Rail Road has a Lost and Found department open M–F, 7:20AM – 7:20PM and Weekends, 7:20AM - 3:10PM. You may be able to get specific information about a recently lost item by calling 212-643-5228. They should be able to direct you to the main storage area for lost and found items, or direct you to a local facility based on the train line.

Hopefully a conductor or a commuter turned in your lost item. If you find something on the LIRR it is always a good idea to bring it to the attention of a conductor. In light of our National security issues, the public is urged to keep their eyes open and to report suspicious packages.


Long Island Bulletin Board said...

The LIRR while woefully untrained in communication, PR and customer support does try to do a good job and sometimes - they do a FANTASTIC job... The lost & found is one of them... The other is the way they share traffic control and dispatch of Penn Station...

I learned some information last night that might offer the answer on how the LIRR will survive the possible Amtrak strike in late January 2008, potentially better then any other commuter rail road across the nation that works on Amtrak property or tracks.

Join us at the Long Island Bulletin Board to duscuss how the LIRR will weather this storm!

Tom Verling said...

I lost a bag on the 30th of July 08 between the hours of 14:00-15:30, it fell off the train onto the platform at Nostrand whilst I was travelling from Pacific Ave to Jamaica Ave. I reporetd it straight away and the conductor radioed to the train behind (the Hempstead train) to collect it if they saw it. However when the Hempstead train arrived the conductor said that he had heard the radio transmission but that it was the Far Rockaway train that would have it. As I was running out of time in order to catch a plane back to Ireland, I had to leave for JFK. Whilst in JFK I rang LIRR and left a description of the bag and my email address. However I would like to know what are my chances of retrieving my bag and is there anything else I can do?

Anonymous said...

Help please, my mother was traveling on the LIRR on sunday, december 9, 2012. We leave in East Hampton but she was visiting friends and took the train in the Port Washington Station to Forrest Hills. She left her purse in the train with all her ID's in it, she realized right away but the door's closed and she couldn't get it. We filed the claim right away but not luck yet. There was just one man left in that car, so I hope he reads this. Her name is Lila Moran Alvarado and she has her passport, resident card and social security card, prescription glasses, keys. It is a black medium size purse. You could call me at 6463356401. Thanks and God Bless You.