Friday, September 07, 2007

Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge, Sag Harbor

You can have the chickadee eating out of your hand! Literally!
At the Elizabeth A. Morton Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor, the chickadee will eat sunflower seeds right out of your hand.
There are hiking trails and a beach on the Peconic Bay, and many beautiful birds.
Now, I don't want all of you rushing over there to scare the poor little birds away!
Be respectful of nature. Stand quietly with hand extended. Quietly!
The chickadee are as light as a feather.
Try not to move!
There are some other rules that you should follow when observing nature on Long Island or elsewhere.
"Don't take anything but photographs and don't leave anything but footprints!"


Anonymous said...

just wanted to know if anyone thought it strange in around 2005 - 2006 that when a large buck whitetail deer was seen and photographed standing in someones front yard in Glen Cove why no one thought something strange is happening. Or! when 2 ears earlier while hiking in caumsett park i found clear deer foot prints. I asked the park ranger and she said that people, while in their boats have been reporting sightings of deer swimming across L.I. sound so it is possible. now july 3, 2008 and sightings are popping up all over the place on the north shore of L.I.. Shouldnt someone had known this was coming like i did? i mean just look at conn. and N.J. and upsate with all the problems they have. Dont get me wrong. i love deer. i want nothing more thanto see them back were they once were. this would have been a childhood dream for me. but now these poor animals have fled from a place were there space is limited to a place that is no different, if not worse. i know Glen Cove and i know that its space cant support a deer population well.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? What's so strange? I am a LI, Suffolk County Farmer, Born & Breed here - - there are deer all over LI. Yes, they have been sighted swimming in LI Sound and in the Great South Bay. Are you actually from LI, that you didn't know there have ALWAYS been deer here? WOW