Friday, November 03, 2006

Long Island Pets Need Help

Rex is one of the sweetest, most lovable cats you could ever meet. He greets everyone who visits him in the Bide-A-Wee veterinary clinic with loud purrs, and he happily spends his one-on-one time sitting on the laps of our staff and volunteers. He isn’t even scared by all the activity around him, including when our dogs bark.

Two weeks ago, things did not look so good for Rex, an 18-month-old tabby. He was at a municipal shelter and his time was running out — until Bide-A-Wee stepped in.

Rex was found in the Bronx with two injured legs — his left front and his right hind. His legs had started to heal improperly, and he could barely walk.

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When Bide-A-Wee staff visited the local municipal shelter, one of our veterinarians spotted Rex and heard him purring. As the injured cat climbed into her lap, she recommended that we take him and give him a second start. Rex went immediately to the veterinary clinic in Manhattan. After an X-ray confirmed that both of his legs were fractured, Bide-A-Wee staff arranged for an orthopedic surgeon to place casts on Rex’s fractured paws. The casts will help to ensure that his bones heal properly.

Rex is now on six to eight weeks of cage rest, and new X-rays of his paws are taken on a regular basis to check the progress of his healing. When the casts come off, he may also need physical therapy in order to strengthen his legs. It is possible that he will always walk with a limp. However, his charming personality has not been affected, and when he is available for adoption he will make a great companion.

We need your help to offset the cost of Rex’s medical care and to allow us to save other animals like Rex who are waiting at local municipal shelters for their own "Second Start." Please consider making a gift to our Veterinary Medical Assistance Fund (VMAF) or to our Second Start program today.

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All of us here at Bide-A-Wee thank you in advance for helping us to help animals in need.

To read more about Bide-A-Wee programs and animals like Rex that need your help, please click here for more information about Bide-A-Wee.

Ann H. Cohen
Vice President

P.S. If you know people who love cats and dogs as much as we do, please forward this post to them! Thank you so much.

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