Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Greatest FREE Country on the Planet Commentary

The plan for 9-11 is a great plan. To fly the Stars and Stripes, our great symbol of freedom, in as many places as possible will show the world (or remind them) of who we are...the greatest FREE country on the planet.

But folks, it goes beyond the flag. The flag is a SYMBOL of our freedom, and that freedom not only includes QUESTIONING OUR GOVERNMENT but it demands that we question it. Of the people, by the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE. We should demand answers that have NEVER BEEN GIVEN by this current administration. THEY WORK FOR US!

While no one questions the effects of the 9-11 tragedy, the investigation into the how, what, and why of how it happened NEEDS TO BE REOPENED. There are way too many unanswered questions that not only the families of those affected deserve to know but THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW A HANDFUL OF THUGS HIJACKED FOUR PLANES AND HIT FOUR TARGETS IN THE MOST MILITARILY ADVANCED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Maybe you should ask why the government spent over $40 million of YOUR TAX dollars investigating Bill Clinton's sex life but spent less than $1 million investigating the 9-11 tragedy.

At best, the Bush administration is incompetent in the investigation and, at worst, PLANNED AND EXECUTED THE ENTIRE EVENT. No, no way, most citizens say, how could our government do such a thing? Best to stay informed and check out the many websites that have investigative facts that every citizen of this free country should at least look at and review. Google "Loose Change 2" (and actually watch the entire video) and check out sites like MANY scientific minds have come to the conclusion that the "facts" presented by the Bush administration do not make one ounce of sense.

The Bush administration has lied about most everything. One of the worst by-products is that anyone who questions our leaders, a right preserved by the Constitution as freedom of speech, is labeled as unpatriotic or a "terrorist" themselves. Folks, this administration should win the award for "terrorism". They take away your freedom, in exchange for the illusion of security, so they can let you know that they can MESS WITH YOU ANYTIME THEY FEEL LIKE IT (for those who like graphic language, replace MESS with the F word). By spreading fear, they control. Nazi Germany had this formula down pat.

Stand up, speak up, and let those in power know that WE WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY! This great experiment in freedom called America has only been around for little more than 200 years. Most of the planet has been ruled by tyrants, dictators, and the like, with little or no freedom for its citizens. While not perfect, our founding fathers wrote some of the most important word and phrases in history in the form of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Don't let these freedoms die today! Let your voice be heard! Campaign for honesty of our elected officials. Good and decent people are waiting to serve this country. Don't fall into the trap of "what can I do?". The answer is MUCH! Yes, proudly fly the flag but back it up with more than talk, TAKE ACTION NOW! This country if full of history of it's citizens getting fed up with the BS of past administrations and they took action. Is it that we, in our modern homes and buildings, ARE TOO SOFT TO SPEAK UP!? Call your REPRESENTATIVES, e-mail them, fax them...eventually, they will "wake up" and take the actions the citizens request. It's not an option if you call yourself a citizen of the United States of America, IT IS YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO CALL THESE PEOPLE TO TASK!

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Moseley


This views reflected in this post are those of the author. Bill Mosely is an individual, a business man, a resident of Long Island New York and a concerned citizen. He is also a member of the 9-11 Seaford High School (SHS) Memorial Committee. Feel free to post your comments on the matter to open the discussion and free flow of ideas.

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