Thursday, December 01, 2005


Marge Stein Communication, LLC for Little Shelter -11-30-2005

The unthinkable has happened. Little Shelter’s food pantry has completely run out of food. Dogs whose impoverished owners are part of the Training Wheels Program and countless area feral cats in the Alley Cat Program rely on the Huntington animal shelter’s stock of provisions for their very lives. At this time of the year – when many people and their pets tend to have so much to eat – these poor dogs and cats face starvation. Little Shelter desperately needs your help to feed the hungry.

Little Shelter director Maryann Chernovsky implores New Yorkers. “Frigid weather is upon us; many of these dogs and all of the cats must bravely face the cold. Don’t let them be hungry as well. Please do whatever you can to help them have the comfort of a full tummy. Do not hesitate; act now. The situation is desperate. ” Dog and cat food donations may be brought to Little Shelter at 33 Warner Road in Huntington between 1PM and 7PM on weekdays and from Noon until 5PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Monetary donations are also welcome and may be sent directly to Food Pantry at Little Shelter.

On behalf of all the innocent animals who need help, Little Shelter thanks you from the bottom of their hearts. For more information, please call 631-368-8770 Extensions 205, 206, or 230. For more information about this release, please call or email: Marge Stein or Marilyn Di Toro Marge Stein Communication, LLC 516-627-6042 516-883-6775 or
For more information, please contact:
Marge Stein
Phone Number : 516-627-6042

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