Monday, October 24, 2005

What's your favorite subject?

We are looking for Long Islanders interested in joining our blog to participate in blogging on a variety of topics, i.e. parenting, seniors, schools, sports, dating, pets, food, shopping, etc. Do you have a special interest or hobby you would like to share with Long Island? Tell us about you and your area of interest. Please leave your name, town and email.


TJ said...

I am involved in the Technology field and in fact run the IT department of a medium sized business. I would be interested in hearing anything related to stories in the technology industry i.e. security concerns and solutions, useful software products, etc.

Matt, Age 16 said...

You have to hear this...

One Long Island man's passion for health & fitness evolved into a great facility called Impact Health & Fitness.

Finally! A place for kids to call their own.

Parents and children alike are educated on fitness and nutrition to help combat the rise of childhood diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardio pulmonary.

The goal of Impact Health & Fitness is to provide a dynamic and fun atmosphere that integrates exercise and nutrition in a unique blend that enables you to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Impact Health & Fitness is one of the first fitness facilities in the United States to serve 8 to
18 year olds. Programs are specifically designed to promote balance, strength and health during these important stages of development. The programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, based on age and body composition, as well as the results of our fitness and nutrition evaluations.

As a member, you work at your own pace to achieve your specific goals. The staff guides and
supports you every step of the way! You will see increased energy, perform better in sports, dance and recreational activities such as swimming, biking, skating and hiking. More importantly, you will be establishing a routine of regular exercise that will be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

For those 18 years and older, Impact has a variety of sport specific and conditioning programs that range in topic from improving your golf and tennis games to strengthening muscles and bone density. Membership is also available to adults.

They participate in off-site programs such as “Mom’s in Motion”, Kung-Fu demonstrations,
yoga, and “Club Impact” held at day camps, schools and various non-profit group meetings
and events. These groups are composed of children, teens, and adults. They also offer
combined programs to reach the parent-child audience. In addition to these fitness programs,
they offer nutrition lectures by their registered dietitians. Topics range from “Building
Healthy Eating Habits”, “Stomp Out Portion Distortion”, “Sports Nutrition” and “Becoming a
Food Detective”.

You have to see this place to believe it! They are open Mon-Fri from 10-8, Sat 10-6 & Sun 10-4.

They are having an Open House all month long, so get moving! What are you weighting for? And best of's FREE! Yes, free demo classes, free nutrition lectures and free fitness evaluations!

Check out the website at

They are conveniently located in Plainview, Exit 46 from the LIE. 349-6050

Anonymous said...

Matt, Age 16 said... ???? said...

Hi Matt, Age 16... Not sure exactly what you wanted me to do with this information. I did send an email to the Web site owners on how to post press releases and events on our Web site. You made a post as anonymous and did not leave your email, so no way for me to contact you other than to post this comment as a reply to your comment. Did you want to join our blog and contribute articles? If so, I need an email address for you so I can send you an invitation to join. Also some ideas on what you would like to discuss on the blog, i.e. sports, fitness, teen life on Long Island, etc. Thanks and let us know.

Alida Thorpe said...

I would love to post some photos of Long Island occasionally. I have my own blog, where I post photos of my everyday life and my travels. I like to take interesting shots of Long Island locations and link them to the official websites and maps. If you think you'd like to add visual interest to your blog, let me know.
I post most of my photos on Flickr; my blog has short paragraphs that are more personal in nature. My name is Alida Thorpe, I live in Bayport, and you can email me at
Thank you, Alida